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On this site you will find information on historic properties from the Statewide Survey of Historic Properties managed by the SC State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO). You will also find information on National Register of Historic Places listings and on historic resource survey reports. Additionally, you may also find digitized copies of physical records representative of this information when available. Please keep in mind that not every property, report, or listing has associated images or other digitized materials.

Feel free to explore SCHPR! You can visit about page for answers to FAQs. You may browse the site generally or search in three categories: historic properties, National Register listings, and historic resource survey reports. For more information on SHPO programs, please visit our home page.

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New Entries in SCHPR

Beverly Apartments (National Register Listing)

U.S. Highway 25 (National Register Listing)

Poe Hardware and Supply Company (National Register Listing)

Fort Fremont Battery (Boundary Increase and Additional Documentation) (National Register Listing)

Charleston Naval Hospital (National Register Listing)

Leevy's Funeral Home (National Register Listing)

Columbia Commercial Historic District, Boundary Increase II and Additional Documentation II (National Register Listing)

Citadel Shirt Corporation (National Register Listing)

Ebony Guest House (National Register Listing)

Noel Court and Apartments (National Register Listing)

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