U.S. Highway 25

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Portions of Old U.S. Highway 25, Calhoun Mountain Road, Frontage Road, Moki Road, Old Buncombe Road, Perimeter Road, Augusta Arbor Way, and Old Augusta Road, Travelers Rest and Greenville, SC (Greenville County) and Edgefield, SC (Edgefield County)
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U.S. Route 25, Dixie Highway, Old U.S. Highway 25

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Description and Narrative:
These three bridges and five road segments are locally significant in Transportation and Politics/Government as extant sections of the original route of U.S. Highway 25. One of the original routes of the first federal highway system, U.S. 25 was part of a groundbreaking project aimed at bringing government support and coherence to the disjointed and underfunded system of locally and privately managed roadways that crossed the nation. Highway 25 was a key corridor for the system in western South Carolina, entering the state from the north at Greenville County and continuing south until it reached North Augusta and crossed the Savannah River into Georgia. The hard-surfaced concrete road segments and bridges being nominated retain their historic integrity from the initial improvement of the highway between 1926 and 1929. One resource is located in Edgefield County, with the remainder being in Greenville County. With the exception of a 1910 bridge that was built as part of the construction of the Old Buncombe Road and subsumed into U.S. 25, the nominated structures were all built or paved in the years immediately following the new numbered highway designation. These segments represent the transition from the informal named trail system to a new, standardized highway system overseen by an interstate bureaucracy. They capture a pivotal moment in the nation’s history when the federal government began to assume a more influential role in the improvement of automotive infrastructure, a period that anticipated the even broader federal interventions in American life in the New Deal era and the creation of the federally funded Interstate Highway System in 1956. Listed in the National Register May 6, 2021.
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1926 – 1929
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May 6 2021