Leevy's Funeral Home

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1831 Taylor Street, Columbia, SC (Richland County)

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Leevy’s Funeral Home was built in 1951 and is significant for its association with African American community-building during segregation and with Isaac Samuel (I. S.) Leevy. Efforts to design and construct the building were led by Leevy’s son, Isaac Kirkland Leevy. Located at the corner of Taylor and Gregg streets in Columbia, the two-story, Mid-century Modern building features a notable slate-stone façade on its southeast corner and has a high degree of historic integrity. The business’s history is representative of the broader role black-owned funeral homes played for African Americans during segregation and provided vital services in caring for the dead with skill and respect. The property is also listed for its association with I. S. Leevy (1876-1968), a prominent local political activist and community leader. A founder of the Columbia NAACP and a prominent figure in state Republican Party politics, Leevy was one of the city's leading advocates for black political empowerment and educational equality in the early and mid-twentieth century. The funeral home was Leevy’s home, place of business, and the center of his political actions, and it is the only extant property associated with his life. The period of significance begins with the building’s construction in 1951 and ends in 1968 when Leevy passed away. Listed in the National Register January 14, 2021.
Period of Significance:
1951 – 1968
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Social History;Ethnic Heritage: Black;Politics/Government
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Date of Certification:
January 14 2021

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