Engineering-Management Building

National Register Listing
Street Address:
2260 Noisette Blvd., North Charleston, SC (Charleston County)
Alternate Name:
Building 234

NRHP Nomination

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Description and Narrative:
The Engineering-Management Building is a six-story, pre-cast concrete building located on a nearly two-acre site in the former Charleston Naval Shipyard in North Charleston. Like other mid-century federal Brutalist buildings, the Engineering-Management Building embodies values of progressiveness, thrift, and strength that the U.S. government sought to convey in the post-World War II era. The building’s simple exterior design, created by the prominent South Carolina architecture firm Lyles, Bissett, Carlisle & Wolff (LBC&W), achieved the sort of frugal functionality then being embraced in federal projects across the country, while its size and use of raw, pre-cast concrete panels and recessed window openings exuded a sense of strength and security. The property is bounded by Shipbuilding Way to the north, Noisette Boulevard to the west, North Hobson Avenue to the east, and a parking lot and alley to the south. An additional parking lot to the west adds to the hardscape on the property. The Engineering-Management Building is exceptionally significant at the local level as perhaps the purest example of Brutalist architecture in the greater Charleston area, a bastion of architectural traditionalism where such unapologetic embraces of Modernist design are extremely rare. Listed in the National Register September 4, 2020.
Period of Significance:
1972 – 1974
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Date of Certification:
September 4 2020