Spring Park Inn

National Register Listing
Street Address:
301 Old Buncombe Road, Travelers Rest, SC (Greenville County)
Alternate Name:
Nine Mile House; Anderson House

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Description and Narrative:
The Spring Park Inn is a two-story five-bay frame I-house with exposed end chimney and a full width front porch constructed c. 1820. Originally built as a private residence, the home transitioned to use as an inn by 1852 and continued housing travelers until 1941. The house that Montgomery acquired from the Bradley’s in 1850 was already situated along an important thoroughfare. Labeled as the road “To Saluda Gap” on the 1825 Mills Atlas, the Buncombe Road was a primary route into western North Carolina, including to other prominent resorts in that region. Indeed, it was the existence of these resort communities that helped spur additional infrastructure development in this part of Carolinas. Because the resorts were frequented by Lowcountry visitors in search of more salubrious climates, those sojourners were willing to deploy their often considerable political influence to support the development of roads, schools, and churches in these western outposts. The Buncombe Road, where the Spring Park Inn was located, was so named because it was the road to Buncombe County, North Carolina and was part of the extended transportation network that connected Lowcountry planters with the resort communities in the western Carolinas. Later, rail service would bring visitors to the Spring Park Inn. Owner Robert Anderson conveyed one and a half acres of land in front of his home for the construction of railroad platform for loading and unloading passengers and freight in 1889. This shrewd maneuvering meant that rail passengers arriving in Travelers Rest were literally delivered to Anderson’s door. Listed in the National Register February 1, 2018.
Period of Significance:
1852 – 1941
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February 1 2018