Parrish's Motor Court

National Register Listing
Street Address:
2098 US-17 Bus., Murrells Inlet, SC (Georgetown County)
Alternate Name:
Brookwood Inn; Brookwood Motel

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Description and Narrative:
First opened for business on New Year’s Day 1950, Parrish’s Motor Court is a one-story Colonial Revival style motor court. It features a long, one-story masonry building that is covered in a coral-colored stucco. The façade, which faces U. S. Route 17-Business, has a white, wooden arched colonnade across it and square cupolas across the roofline, giving the motel a Mt. Vernon-like appearance. Originally conceived as a cottage court, the motel expanded to meet the needs of the business. The property encompasses four buildings including the motel and front office, which are attached by a breezeway, Cottage Number One, the “Alamo” Cottage, and a Maintenance House. Parrish’s Motor Court is today a physical representation of the growth of the tourism industry in Murrells Inlet. Built as a classic cottage court, a style where lodging was situated in separate buildings among a lush landscape, the motel is easily accessible from the highway and has parking in front of each guest room. Operating in Murrells Inlet for over sixty-seven years, the motel was for many years the only lodging available for tourists coming to vacation in the marshy, Lowcountry landscape. It was listed under Criterion A in the area of entertainment/recreation and under Criterion C in the area of architecture. It is an excellent example of mid-century roadside architecture, which is perhaps most apparent in the adoption of architectural elements from two of America’s most recognizable landmarks: Mt. Vernon and the Alamo. Stylized representations of both iconic buildings find expression at Parrish’s Motor Court and were part of the marketing strategy that the owners used to draw in customers passing by along U.S. 17. Listed in the National Register October 16, 2017.
Period of Significance:
1950 – 1967
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Date of Certification:
October 16 2017