Cowpens Furnace Site (38CK73)

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Address Restricted (Cherokee County)
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Cowpens Furnace

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Cowpens Furnace Site is one of the best preserved early nineteenth century ironworks sites in South Carolina. It is the only remaining site that can be associated with the South Carolina Manufacturing Company that operated in Spartanburg County c.1825 and c.1850. Cowpens Furnace, which had originally been built c. 1807, was purchased and rebuilt by the company around 1834. The site contains an extremely well preserved furnace, remains of stone pilings or structural supports, and an earth sluiceway about one hundred meters in length. The furnace is partially collapsed but portions still stand over twenty feet high. The site also contains extensive slag heaps, iron ore, and charcoal remains. Original road beds leading into the site are partially intact. Of particular note is a well-preserved flat loading area on the hill above the furnace. Listed in the National Register May 8, 1987.
Period of Significance:
circa 1825 – 1850;circa 1807
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Engineering;Industry;Archeology: Historic - Non-Aboriginal
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May 8 1987

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