Historic Property
Alternate Name:
Street Address:
440 W. Butler Street (tax man no. 38-05), Denmark, SC

Site Number:
Site Number:
Date Surveyed:
June 17 1982
Construction Date:
before 1931
Current Use:
Construction Method:
wood frame
Foundation Materials:
Brick Piers with Fill
Roof Materials:
Signficant Architectural Features:
One-story house covered with synthetic siding that resembles weatherboard. The gable roof has projecting eaves, exposed rafters and purlins, and diagonal braces in the gable ends; the slope of the roof faces Butler Street. One interior front slope chimney can be seen from W. Butler Street. Windows are double-hung, six-over-one, except where otherwise noted. Front (south elevation): across the east end of the facade is a porch, which has a gable roof with exposed rafters and purlins (its gable end, which faces Butler Street, features diagonal braces); the porch roof is supported by tapered square posts on high tapered brick pedestals; the porch shelters a single door and a double window; to the west of the front porch is a double window. West elevation: five 6/1 windows. East elevation: two double windows; at the north end of this side is one small, rectangular single-sash window.
Historical Information:
The 1931 Sanborn map of Denmark indicates that this building was then a dwelling. The house is in an area not covered by the 1922 and earlier Sanborn maps.
Source of Historical Information:
Sanborn maps of Denmark: 1931.
Denmark - City, 1980/1982
Archives Location:
Box 14, Series 108042, Survey of historic resources (county by county data on surface properties), circa 1971-2014

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