Bamberg Banking Co.

Historic Property
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Kearse Building
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Railroad Avenue, Bamberg, SC

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Signficant Architectural Features:
Originally 2 rectangular buildings with a common wall and each with a gable roof. The left (W.) side, constructed ca. 1880, was used by the Bamberg Banking Co.; the right side was built later, possibly dating from ca. 1894-1898. 1 story additions have been attached to the rear (N.) and E. side. Front: A seam evident in the 2nd floor divides this story of the structure into 2 sections: the left side features 2 double hung windows— 1 is 4/4, the other 4/2; windows on the right side are smaller and are double hung 6/6. Both sections have a parapet wall that curves downward from the higher centers. The ground floor, which has been brick veneered, now contains 2 1/1 windows on either side of a single entrance, which is covered by a flat metal awning. The 2nd story of the right (E.) side contains 26/6 windows; the central doorway has been bricked up. The left (W.) side features 2 exterior chimneys; 2nd floor - paneled door and 2 6/6 windows; corbeled brackets.
Historical Information:
Bamberg's first bank was established by Capt. Isaac S. Bamberg, brother of General F. M. Bamberg and W. S. Bamberg, and this first bank building was constructed in 1880. When Captain Bamberg was elected State Treasurer in 1886, he sold his interest in the Bamberg Banking Company. The bank ceased to function January 15, 1931 and the South Carolina Savings Bank in Charleston was appointed receiver. By 1938, the building was owned by J. Carl and Faber W. Kearse and had been remodeled for their law offices. Succeeding names of the original Kearse and Kearse Law Firm were Kearse and Ness, Kearse, Kemp, and Rhoad, and at the present time the building is rented by William D. Rhoad, Attorney. On the interior, the old bank walk-in vault is still in use.
Source of Historical Information:
"East Railroad Avenue, Bamberg, S. C.," Sanborn Insurance Maps;Margaret Lawrence, 111 Felder Street, Bamberg, S.C.
Bamberg - City, 1979-1980
Archives Location:
Box 14, Series 108042, Survey of historic resources (county by county data on surface properties), circa 1971-2014

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