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Graniteville, SC

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No Site Number
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May 1977
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Signficant Architectural Features:
21/2 story, eastward-facing factory, completed in 1849. Constructed of locally-quarried blue granite. Measuring 100 X 350 feed, the rectangular-shaped edifice rest on stone foundations and features a partial basement. The unornamented exterior walls are capped with a tin roof that is coated with tar and gravel and broken with skylights which have been covered with tin in recent years. 2 square shaped stone entrance towers with rectangular window and door openings project from the building's front(east) facade. These three-story structures are capped with small white-painted wood cupolas with conical roofs. One of these contains a bell dating back to 1849. OUTBUILDINGS:
Like most currently operating older textile mills, this factory's windows have been bricked in to allow the installation of air conditioning. The windows were set in rectangular surrounds and featured stone slipsills and lugsills. The only other major exterior alteration occured in the early 1940's then the rear wall was carefully taken down so that the width of the plant could be increased from its original 40 feet to the present 100. The original stohe work was then put back into place, practically restoring this section to its original appearance.
Historical Information:
One of most progressive mills of its time. Closely associated with growth of Graniteville and of the textile industry in the South
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See NR Information
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Box 11, Series 108042, Survey of historic resources (county by county data on surface properties), circa 1971-2014

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