Historic Property
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Street Address:
Graniteville, SC

Site Number:
Site Number:
No Site Number
Date Surveyed:
May 1977
Construction Date:
Historic Use:
Architect or Builder:
William Gregg
Construction Method:
Foundation Materials:
Slab Construction
Signficant Architectural Features:
Nearly a mi le in length, the canal has a 40 foot drop; a depth of 5 feet; ; a width of 15 feet at the bottom; and a width of 37 feet at the top. The canal's gates and spillways are constructed of locally quarried blue granite set in hydraulic cement OUTBUILDINGS:
Historical Information:
Although Gregg designed the canal for the express purpose of powering his factory, he first used it to operate a sawmill which cut all the lumber needed for building Graniteville. For nearly a century,the Graniteville Mill utilized the canal as a power source. Gradually, however, the flow of water from Horse and Bridge Creeks, which feed it, virtually ceased, and the canal became inadequate, forcing the mill to turn elsewhere for a power source. At present the canal is still in good condition, but it is no longer utilized for tectile manufacturing.
Source of Historical Information:
See NR information.
Archives Location:
Box 11, Series 108042, Survey of historic resources (county by county data on surface properties), circa 1971-2014

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