• 39 South Battery


Historic Property
Street Address:
39 South Battery, Charleston, South Carolina (Charleston County)

Site card S108042000400223000

Date Surveyed:
circa 1972
Construction Date:
circa 1827
Number of Stories:
Exterior Walls Materials:
Roof Shape:
Porch Shape:
2 story veranda
Signficant Architectural Features:
Built in 1827, it is a typical single house with beautiful interior woodwork, and handsome exterior with a 2 story veranda and spacious dimintions. House is most unusual in that the house is built on a crib of palmetto logs sunk in mud, a fact that allowed in tow sway with the tremors that literally wrecked Charleston in 1886. It was one of the few houses to escape the disaster in tact, and the present owners still claim that it still sways in gale winds today.
Historic Charleston Foundation Survey 1972
Archives Location:
Box 4, Series 108042, Survey of historic resources (county by county data on surface properties), circa 1971-2014