• 13 East Battery

William Ravenel House

Historic Property
Street Address:
13 East Battery

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Date Surveyed:
circa 1972
Number of Stories:
Exterior Walls Materials:
Stucco; ; ;
Roof Shape:
Signficant Architectural Features:
Built in 1845, the house today looks drastically different from what it did in the beginning. After the great earthquake of 1886, the huge portico with the 4 massive Corinthian columns toppled to the ground leaving only a bare front. The portico was never rebuilt. The large house was built in the Greek Revival manner and was distinguished by its huge portico on the front that was supported by a stone arched arcade at ground level. Large full-size windows opened onto the portico with delicate iron balconies gracing the second level. After a period of long neglect and disrepair, the house was bought and restored in the 1930's. A stucco facade was applied over the brick and the stone arcade was left unadorned. The windows were given simple white shudders and the delicate balcony was retained on the second level windows. After Hurricane Gracie in 1959, one of the capitals of the columns lost in the 1886 earthquake was found beneath a fallen tree.
Historic Charleston Foundation Survey 1972
Archives Location:
Box 2, Series 108042, Survey of historic resources (county by county data on surface properties), circa 1971-2014