Belfair Plantation Oak Avenue

Historic Property
Alternate Name:
Street Address:
Belfair Oaks Blvd.;(Beaufort County)

Site Number:
Control Number:
Tax Number:
R600 023 00B 0051 0000
Date Surveyed:
June 3 1997
Construction Date:
circa 1927
Alteration Date:
Historic Use:
Current Use:
Signficant Architectural Features:
Thirty-three trees stand on each side: they were begun as three or four saplings planted together, to achieve great mass quickly. Only two are missing from the double file (one at the foot, one at the head); there is one young replacement tree. The av
The avenue was paved and gate house built as part of Belfair Development. The road forks at the head of the original avenue; the curved road was laid in the gap left by one of the three missing trees.
Historical Information:
W. M. Swain planted the avenue ca. 1927 as an impressive grand entrance from the highway toward his winter home (1927). The avenue did not extend all the way to the Swain House. It is one of the few intact remnants of the winter hunting plantations (Fo
Source of Historical Information:
Ed Blakeley, Belfair Development Company, interview 6/3/97
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