Combahee River Salt Dam

Historic Property
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Street Address:
Combahee River, 2 mi. S of Highway 17;(Beaufort County)

Site Number:
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Tax Number:
R700 010 000 0001 0000
Date Surveyed:
March 4 1997
Construction Date:
Signficant Architectural Features:
Irregular levee, about 1.5 mile, running generally north-south between the Combahee River and the upper reaches of Wimbee Creek. Visible at its north end are the wood pilings extending across the marsh into the creek. At the east side of Wimbee Creek a
Historical Information:
Constructed to block salt water flowing into the Combahee River from Wimbee Creek/Bull River. The plantations upriver from the dam, particularly Nieuport, were subject to damage by salt incursions. Rice was still being grown at Nieuport (to 1913, Lang
Source of Historical Information:
Robert Cuthbert, "Combahee River Plantations" in South Carolina Historical SocietyCarologue, Spring 1996.
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