Texas Co. Bulk Plant

Historic Property
Alternate Name:
Street Address:
2739 Depot Rd.;(Beaufort County)

Site Number:
Control Number:
Tax Number:
R120 003 000 0714 0000
Date Surveyed:
September 4 1997
Construction Date:
circa 1935
Historic Core Shape:
Number of Stories:
Construction Method:
Roof Shape:
gable (end to front)
Signficant Architectural Features:
1 rectangular frame warehouse, 3 x 5 bays, corrugated metalRectangular 1-story frame industrial building. Front-facing gable V-crimped metal roof w/exposed rafter ends. Corrugated metal siding. Interior brick flue. 6/6 light double hung sash at E end, 6-light awning windows elsewhere. Loading platform along S el
Historical Information:
This building and its accessory structures is clearly indicated on a March 1942 update of the 1924 Sanborn Map. The map indicates this property as a warehouse as an "oil warehouse" for the Texas Oil Co. Bulk Plant. The site is noteworthy as a vestige of
Source of Historical Information:
Sanborn maps, 1912, 1924, 1924 (updated to 1942)
Quadrangle Name: