Greer Mill

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300 Connecticut Avenue, Greer, SC (Greenville County)

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Greer Mill is locally significant under Criterion A in the area of Industry for its association with the twentieth-century textile manufacturing industry in Greer and Greenville County. Greer Mill served as a major employer and driver of the local economy and textile industry from its opening in 1909 through the closure of Delta-Woodside in 1996. Greer Mill was not only the last textile mill in operation in Greer when it closed but is the last extant mill building within the city limits. It was designed by nationally prominent architecture and engineering firm Lockwood, Greene & Company, who also designed a major addition in 1911. In 1911, the Greer Manufacturing Company was consolidated into the Victor-Monaghan Company. The original Greer Mill complex was later sold in 1946 to New York textile conglomerate J.P. Stevens Company, and a flurry of additions over the next decade expanded the size of the mill and heavily modified the original complex. This period of ownership transformed the property from a local mill to part of a national textile conglomerate. J.P. Stevens produced textiles on the site until the mill was acquired by Delta-Woodside in 1986. This last phase of textile production lasted another decade until 1996 when the mill was officially closed. The original Greer Mill complex was extensively enlarged during a period of modernization by J.P. Stevens after World War II to create a multi-state manufacturing conglomerate. The complex still retains a high degree of integrity and represent the twentieth century textile mill industry in the Upstate. The mill's period of significance extends from the construction of the original mill building in 1909 through 1972, fifty years prior to the date of listing. Listed in the National Register June 6, 2022.
Period of Significance:
1909 – 1972
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June 6 2022

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