Clarendon County Health Center and Office Building

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3 South Church Street, Manning, SC (Clarendon County)

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Built in 1958 in the International Style following a design by the Sumter-based architectural firm of James & Durant, the Clarendon County Health Center and Office Building embodies post-World War II federal government involvement in healthcare policy under the Hill-Burton Act of 1946. Prior to the construction of this modern facility, Clarendon County’s capacity to provide sufficient healthcare education and clinical services was underfunded and understaffed like most of the state’s rural counties. Assistance from the Hill-Burton Act, which provided federal funding for the construction of state-of-the-art local health centers and hospitals throughout the United States, allowed rural municipalities and counties like Clarendon County to establish modern health departments. The property’s historic core was altered in 1976-1977 with an addition and the replacement of its original flat roof with a gable roof. However, it still retains character-defining features like ceramic tile inserts, anodized aluminum windows with horizontal muntins, and a minimal, but continuous, green aluminum soffit, possessing sufficient integrity to convey its original context. It is listed in the National Register at the local level in the areas of Health/Medicine and Government. The property’s period of significance is 1958 to1972, spanning the facility’s construction and the current fifty-year cut off, at which time the health center continued to operate. Listed in the National Register June 9, 2022.
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1958 – 1972
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June 9 2022

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