P.D. Cockfield House

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125 Valley Street, Lake City, SC (Florence County)

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The P. D. Cockfield House is locally significant in Architecture as a highly-intact, fine example of Folk Victorian residential architecture in Lake City. The house was constructed in 1905 as a town residence for the family of P.D. Cockfield, a successful local cotton farmer. In contrast to more elaborate expressions of the Folk Victorian style, the Cockfield House exhibits a restrained and vernacular approach featuring minimal, simple ornamentation from the period. The character of the house is largely unaltered and has significant historic features and intact finishes, including the Folk Victorian two-story L-shaped front porch. Most changes to the house occurred to the rear of the building, including enclosure of rear side porches, a small addition, and the remodeling of the kitchen. Apart from the small rear addition constructed sometime after World War II, the house retains its original footprint. Many of the original Folk Victorian character-defining features remain on the interior and exterior of the structure, and the character of the building has changed little since its completion in 1905, retaining a high degree of historic integrity. Listed in the National Register January 13, 2022.
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January 13 2022

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