Beverly Apartments

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1525 Bull St., Columbia, SC (Richland County)
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Thomas Apartments

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Constructed in 1913, Beverly Apartments represents the early twentieth century rise of apartment buildings in downtown Columbia. As the city’s population and built environment grew at the turn of the century as part of a thriving “New South,” residential accommodations were scarce, leading to a construction boom of dense, urban housing, especially purpose-built apartment buildings. A three-story masonry building with a U-shaped plan, Beverly Apartments exhibits Romanesque Revival influences through its use of decorative brickwork and third floor arches, which the architect likely used to give the relatively simple design visual interest and an air of sophistication. Though the windows have been replaced and the cornice removed, the building retains much of its original aesthetic. The interior was subdivided into twelve units from the original six in 1949, a change which has attained significance in its own right, and the building has not sustained changes to its overall footprint. Examples of these period apartment houses are increasingly rare in downtown Columbia, and Beverly Apartments provides an important link with this aspect of the city’s twentieth-century architectural landscape and stands as one of the few remaining structures from Bull Street’s residential period. Listed in the National Register June 29, 2021.
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June 29 2021

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