Piedmont Mill Stores Building

National Register Listing
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2-8 Main Street, Piedmont, SC (Greenville County)

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The Piedmont Mill Stores Building is listed in the National Register under Criterion A for its association with the evolution of commerce and recreation in textile communities in Upstate South Carolina and under Criterion C for architecture. Constructed in 1905 by the Piedmont Manufacturing Company, it is an unusual example of an Upstate commercial mill building that housed multiple independent merchants instead of one single mill-run store. It is also notable for its application of mill construction to a non-industrial building. An early mixed-use building, it also hosted recreational opportunities for the mill’s workforce and their families through multiple phases of evolving popular entertainment. The Piedmont Mill Stores Building remained an anchor for the surrounding town of Piedmont through 1946, when Piedmont Manufacturing was sold to J.P. Stevens and the community began its slow decline. Today, it is the largest and most architecturally elaborate commercial building among the small handful of buildings that make up downtown Piedmont, making it a locally significant example of commercial architecture. Listed in the National Register March 16, 2020.
Period of Significance:
1905 – 1946
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March 16 2020

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