Dianna Brown Antique Shop

National Register Listing
Street Address:
62 Queen St., Charleston, SC (Charleston County)
Alternate Name:
Diana Brown Antique Shop

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Description and Narrative:
The Dianna Brown Antique Shop is significant at the local level in the areas of African American and Women’s history for its association with successful antiques dealer Dianna McCall Brown (1860-1949). Arriving in Charleston in the late-1870s, Brown was a member of a locally prominent African American family who became one of the city’s best-known early 20th century antique dealers and the first woman of color to enter the city’s antiques trade. Working from 1913 until her death in 1949, Brown operated her shop on the first floor of the family’s two-story residence at 62 Queen Street, the oldest portions of which likely date to the 1870s. Navigating the limitations placed on women of color in the early 20th century, Brown developed an extensive business network believed to have stretched across the United States, distinguishing herself among black and white Charlestonians alike as a successful entrepreneur. A modern addition at the rear of the property is connected by a hyphen. Listed individually in the National Register March 12, 2020. Previously listed as a contributor to the Charleston Historic District.
Period of Significance:
1915 – 1949
Level of Significance:
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Ethnic Heritage: Black;Other
National Register Determination:
Date of Certification:
March 12 2020