Dr. Cyril O. Spann Medical Office

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2226 Hampton St., Columbia, SC (Richland County)

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The Dr. Cyril O. Spann Medical Office is a small, one-story building located in a mixed use sector in Columbia’s historically African American Waverly neighborhood. It is significant for its association with the history of segregated healthcare facilities in Columbia and with Dr. Cyril O. Spann, believed to have been the only black surgeon in South Carolina in the 1960s and early ‘70s. The building is of simple, Modern design typical of the early 1960s, and it served as Spann’s office from its 1963 construction until Spann’s death in 1979. It is located near the former Good Samaritan-Waverly Hospital, a segregated black hospital established in 1952 where Spann served as chief of staff from 1966 until the hospital’s closure in 1973. Unlike the segregated hospital wings and waiting rooms that typically greeted black patients seeking care, Dr. Spann’s office was one created by and for African Americans. A distinctly modern, purpose-built doctor’s office, Spann’s practice marked a shift from earlier African American doctors’ offices in Columbia, which were often located in residences or re-purposed buildings. Listed in the National Register May 20, 2019.
Period of Significance:
1963 – 1973
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Ethnic Heritage: Black;Health/Medicine;Social History
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May 20 2019

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