American Spinning Company Mill No. 2

National Register Listing
Street Address:
300 Hammett Street, Greenville, SC (Greenville County)

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Description and Narrative:
The American Spinning Company Mill is an early twentieth century textile mill that was constructed just outside the city of Greenville in 1902. The current Mill complex occupies approximately thirteen acres and is located at 300 Hammett Street between two rail lines and nestled in the remnants of several old mill communities now known as San Souci and the Poe Mill neighborhoods. The mill complex consists of several buildings and structures developed over the last 100 years. The mill property includes two contributing buildings: the main mill building and the cotton warehouses (with subsequent additions). There are two contributing structures, which include the water tower and the reservoir. The mill complex was nominated under both Criterion A in the area of industry and Criterion C in the area of architecture, both at the local level of significance. American Spinning Mill No. 2 was associated with the textile industry, which played a vital role in the development of the South Carolina upstate during much of the twentieth century. Architecturally, it is significant for its association with the prolific engineering and design firm Lockwood & Greene, who designed textile mills from New England to the Carolinas, as well as Greenville residents Joseph E. Sirrine and Capt. Jacob Cagle, both of whom were associated with the design and construction of the plant. Listed in the National Register October 18, 2016.
Period of Significance:
1901 - 1965
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Date of Certification:
October 18 2016