Inman Mills

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240 4th St., Inman vicinity (Spartanburg County)

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Architect W.B. Smith Whaley, who designed and developed textile mills throughout South Carolina, created the original designs and master plan for Inman Mills. Construction was completed in 1902 and Inman Mills played an important role in the industrial development of the town of Inman in Spartanburg County. The mill remained in constant operation from 1902 until its closure in 2001. Inman Mills was listed in the National Register of Historic Places at the local level for its significance under Criterion A for its contribution to the development of the textile industry in Inman, South Carolina during the years 1902-1958. It was also listed under Criterion C as a well-preserved example of the architecture and engineering of a major southern textile mill designed by the firm of W.B. Smith Whaley. Built in the Romanesque Revival style, Inman Mills retains its multi-story entrance tower, uniform fenestration with buttresses inserted at regular intervals, and, though the windows were bricked-in during the mid-twentieth century, the window openings remain readily apparent. Listed in the National Register March 15, 2016.
Period of Significance:
1902 – 1958;1902;1909;1928
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Date of Certification:
March 15 2016

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