Columbia Historic District II

National Register Listing
Street Address:
Roughly bounded by Taylor, Richland, Pickens, and Barnwell Sts., Columbia, SC (Richland County)
Alternate Name:
Heintish House

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Description and Narrative:
The Columbia Historic District II is a collection of 113 properties located in the northeast quadrant of the original city of Columbia. The majority of the buildings in the district were constructed as residences; however, many of them are now used for commercial purposes. The district also contains several religious properties. Most of the buildings in the district were constructed between the early nineteenth century and the 1930s; approximately fifty percent were built between 1900 and 1918. The district includes a wide diversity of representative architectural types and styles including Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, Victorian, Neo-Classical, Bungalow, and Four-Square. In addition, the Columbia Historic District II contains houses associated with numerous prominent citizens of Columbia, and residences and churches reflecting various aspects of the history of the city. The neighborhoods of the district have developed around the pivotal buildings, the antebellum landmarks and the churches, in an ordered, consistent pattern. The consistency of scale, building setbacks, and landscaping create a sense of cohesiveness and unity in the district. Diverse materials (stone, brick, molded concrete block, wood) have been used with continued mutual co-existence establishing the district’s integrity. The modern intrusions within the district have generally been controlled by city zoning laws reducing their impact on the historic character of the district. Listed in the National Register May 6, 1971; Boundary increases June 28, 1982; and October 2, 2018.
Period of Significance:
1790;after 1786
Level of Significance:
Area of Significance:
Social History;Architecture;Education;Military;Politics/Government;Religion
National Register Determination:
Date of Certification:
May 6 1971
Date of Boundary Increase:
June 28 1982;October 2 2018

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