Rear Lighthouse of Hilton Head Range Light Station

National Register Listing
Street Address:
Arthur Hill Golf Course, Palmetto Dunes Resort off US 278, Hilton Head Island, SC (Beaufort County)
Alternate Name:
Leamington Lighthouse

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Description and Narrative:
(Leamington Lighthouse) The Rear Lighthouse of the Hilton Head Range Light Station was constructed by the United States Lighthouse Board in 1879-1880 as part of a system of lights and beacons to guide shipping in Port Royal Sound. The lighthouse is significant as one of the few surviving lighthouses in South Carolina, and as the only one of its type remaining in the state. The Rear Lighthouse and a small brick oil house survive of the complex, which originally included a keeper’s house and a forward beacon, which was mounted on a second keeper’s house. The lighthouse consists of a cast iron skeleton, a cylindrical stair tower, and a wooden watch room and lantern room structure. The tower was originally sheathed in wood; sheet steel sheathing was added, probably in 1913. The hexagonal watch room is at the top of the stair and the skeleton frame. The lantern room is above the watch room; the original focal plane of the light was eighty-seven feet from the concrete base and ninety-two feet above sea level. The light could be seen from fifteen miles away. None of the lantern hardware is intact. The system was taken out of service and the Rear Lighthouse abandoned sometime in the 1930s. Listed in the National Register December 12, 1985.
Period of Significance:
1879 – 1880;1913;19th century;20th century
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Date of Certification:
December 12 1985