Historic Property
Alternate Name:
Charles Hammond House
Street Address:
908 Martintown Road, North Augusta, SC

Site Number:
Site Number:
Date Surveyed:
Construction Date:
circa 1775 – 1780;circa 1830
Historic Use:
Current Use:
Construction Method:
wood frame
Foundation Materials:
Brick Piers
Roof Materials:
metal(orig. shingle); tin
Signficant Architectural Features:
2-Story clapboard house, L-shaped in plan, with hip roof and projecting pedi-mented porticos on front (east) and south side of the building. This structure has 3 porches: those on the E. and S. are both 2-story with 4 square columns (front (east) porch is larger and has more elaborate molding in pediment than S. porch); northern porch is 1 story with a shed roof supported by square paneled columns. The pegged windows are 9/9 double-hung sash. Original door hinges and locks inside are still in use. outbuildings: Large brick-lined well and a brick-lined hole used for cooling foods during storage;Orig. 8 story pine clapboard structure existing ca. 1775 - 1780. Pegged windows are 9/9 double sash; pipe stem chimney; structure with 3 porches; orig. door hinge and locks; shiplap walls and pegged construction 'OUTBUILDINGS: Large brick lined well; brick lined hole for cooling food during storage
altered: 1830 additions include front and side porch, extension of back porch, and rear wing producing L-shaped effect
Historical Information:
Dating from the Revolutionary War era, the Hammond House is one of the oldest residences in the North Augusta area. The house exemplifies a typical trend of 19th century S.C.: that of converting plain 18th century vernacular houses into more fashionable columned homes are property was attained. Charles Hammond, from all evidence the first owner of the house, was credited with "Patriotic Service" for his military record in both Virginia and S.C. during the Revolutionary War. Hammond is said to have been a wealthy merchant in the Savannah River port of Hamburg.;one of the oldest residences in North Augusta, Charles honored for military record during Revolutionary War
Source of Historical Information:
National Register nomination, prepared in 1973; Aiken Co.;Tax Assessor
North Augusta Survey, 1982
Archives Location:
Box 11, Series 108042, Survey of historic resources (county by county data on surface properties), circa 1971-2014

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