Callawassie Island Sugar Works

Historic Property
Alternate Name:
Street Address:
Sugar Mill Dr.;(Beaufort County)

Site Number:
Control Number:
Tax Number:
R600 015 00B 0033 0000
Date Surveyed:
December 16 1997
Construction Date:
circa 1815
National Register Determination:
Signficant Architectural Features:
The only documented sugar processing complex in South Carolina.Complex includes Mill, Boiling House, and Curing House; nearby (on residential lots) were overseer's house and slave settlement. The Mill base, for an iron, animal-driven cane crusher, consists of parallel tabby walls about 4-1/2' high, buttressed by t
Historical Information:
Callawassie was owned by Daniel Heyward and his heirs after ca. 1756. First known occupant, by 1802, was Thomas Rhodes (d. 1809). Island was sold to John A. Cuthbert ca. 1819, and later to a member of the Kirk family of Rose Hill. Dates of the sugar m
Source of Historical Information:
Michael Trinkley, ed., Further Investigations of Prehistoric and Historic Lifeways on Callawassie and Spring Islands, Beaufort County, South Carolina: Research Series 23 (Columbia: Chicora Foundation, 1991), passim, especially Colin Brooker, "Callawassi
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